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Greetings to my fellow Virgin Islanders, with a special greetings to my fellow Crucians!

I share the following message with you:


We are at turning point in our society, the time being very critical as we face major financial challenges a social and even cultural decline. In the context of our social decline, a high incidence of murders (at approximately 40%), a high unemployment rate (the current as of May 2018, the VI unemployment rate is 9.94% compared to the national rate of 3.8%), a failing retirement system (the Government Employees Retirement System, G.E.R.S., is set to collapse in 2023), wage issues as a number of salaries remain stagnant resulting in a number of government employees having to live paycheck to paycheck in providing the basic necessities for their family (high food, gas and electricity costs, among other costs). As for our business sector, rising taxes and fees which greatly impacts the operations of many of our small businesses and discourages the formation of new businesses.


And as we continue to navigate the uncertainties, at the center of the issues, our children’s education being at stake, rendering a number of our children at-risk, as our education system continues on a downward spiral, many of our children are not being fully prepared for success in pursuit of academic and or technical/industry careers. We face these challenges, all amidst recovering from two historic and devastating hurricanes: Irma and Maria, Maria in particular devastating the island of St. Croix.

However, despite the waves of pain and despair, there is a light of hope, as we are empowered as a people to envision a clearer pathway to prosperity. I am inspired by this belief by coming forward to serve as a representative  (Independent candidate) in our 33rd Legislature. As I offer myself, through my extensive training as a lawyer and as a community activist, fighting for the enjoyment of our human rights (political, economic, social and cultural).


I, therefore humbly seek your support and vote on November 6th, the date of the 2018 General Election, in turning things around to create a Virgin Islands for and by the people!


 Genevieve Whitaker


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The Deadline to Register to vote for the November 6th, General Election is: Sunday, October 7th