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Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, Virgin Islands (U.S.). Genevieve is a second-generation Virgin Islander who was raised by her grandmother, Genevieve Browne, who served as an educator. Genevieve is also the proud mother of a 14-year-old boy named Yiore. Genevieve’s mother, Sharon Browne (Gonzalez) is a computer programmer, and her father, Erik Whitaker, died when Genevieve was nine years of age; both served in the U.S. military in the army. Genevieve was raised within a strong family circle; Genevieve is the granddaughter of Wesley Browne, Sr., a contractor, and owner of St. Croix Construction company, and extended family, including having been blessed with four Godparents, the late Honorable Randall “Doc” James (who served as Virgin Islands Senator), the Honorable Congresswoman (Delegate to Congress for the Virgin Islands to the U.S. House of Representatives) Donna M. Christensen, Norman Crispin (Modeste), and Sonia Kelly Williams, who has inspired her leadership and activism. Genevieve attended public and parochial schools, graduating from the St. Croix Educational Complex as a Magnet and Honor program student. Genevieve holds four degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Government and World Affairs (the University of Tampa), a Juris Doctor (Stetson University College of Law)a Master's Degree in Political Management (the George Washington University), and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Criminal Justice Management (Boston University) and several certificates in Executive Education in the areas of leadership, management, policymaking, nonprofit management and governance, community organizing, digitizing government (e-government) from Oxford University Said School of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, having completed her studies to receive a Certificate in Public Leadership from the Kennedy School. Genevieve is also a Certified Public Manager of the National Certified Public Manager ® Consortium. Genevieve has over 22 years of legal experience (working a law firms in Florida and here in the Virgin Islands as well and using her legal experience in jobs that require legal knowledge), over 12 years of owning her own consulting business, serving close to a decade as an Assistant Professor (part-time) at the University of the Virgin Islands, having taught courses taught: Business Law, Elections Participation, Crime Prevention, Juvenile Justice, Communications & Leadership).



Before being elected to serve in the 34th Legislature, Genevieve was the youngest to serve, appointed at the age of 30, for just over 7 years as the Deputy Supervisor (St. Croix District) of the Elections System of the Virgin Islands (elected in April 2016 to serve on the Executive Committee of the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission Standards Board). Additionally, Genevieve in January 2020 was appointed to serve on the Virgin Islands Board of Career and Technical Education as the Scholarship Committee Chair alongside fellow Board Members working on and having made ardent efforts in the restructuring and reinvigorating the career and technical education system so that our children can leave school with skills as well as industry certification. In terms of her community experience, Genevieve is also a human rights activist and internationally recognized speaker on political rights, specifically as an advocate for the decolonization of the Virgin Islands has presented on national and international platforms. Genevieve is also a former lobbyist (Florida State Legislative Coordinator) for Amnesty International USA, President & Co-Founder of the Virgin Islands Youth Advocacy Coalition, a civics organization dedicated to civic literacy in the Virgin Islands as well as the matter of decolonization and racial equity. Genevieve returned to her beloved home right after graduating from law school with the desire and zeal to contribute to her homeland. Again, she thanks the people of St. Croix for electing her to serve in the 34th Legislature. Genevieve thanks everyone who has supported her in their journey to serve others as a Senator in the Virgin Islands of the United States. On January 11th, 2021, Genevieve was appointed to serve as the Legislative Secretary for the 34th Legislature, Liaison, U.S. Department of the Interior & Office of Insular Affairs, Chairwoman of the Committee on Education and Workforce Development and Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Housing, Transportation & Telecommunications. Senator Whitaker also served on the Rules & Judiciary, Disaster Recovery, and Infrastructure Committees and the Subcommittee on Public Safety & Health and as an Ex-Officio Public Services Commission Member until January 6th, 2023. Genevieve enjoys meditation, yoga, dance (especially African and Afro-Caribbean dance), and the music of many genres. She enjoys a holistic way of living, supporting her personal and family health and our environment.

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