Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker was born and raised on the beautiful Island of St. Croix,  Virgin Islands on May 6, 1983. Genevieve was raised by her grandmother,  Genevieve Brown, and is the proud mother of a 13-year-old boy named Yiore.  Genevieve attended public and parochial schools, graduating from the St. Croix  Educational Complex as a Magnet and Honor program student. 

Senator Whitaker holds four degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Government and World  Affairs (the University of Tampa), a Juris Doctor (Stetson University College of Law)  a Master’s Degree in Political Management (the George Washington University),  and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Criminal Justice Management (Boston  University). Genevieve is also a Certified Public Manager of the National Certified  Public Manager Consortium. Senator Whitaker has over 22 years of legal experience and over 12 years of owning her own consulting business.  

Genevieve is a human rights activist and internationally recognized speaker on political rights, specifically as an advocate for the decolonization of the Virgin  Islands. Genevieve returned to her beloved home right after graduating from law school with the desire and zeal to contribute to her homeland.


Genevieve enjoys meditation, yoga, dance (especially African and Afro-Caribbean dance), the music of many genres and enjoys a holistic way of living in support of her personal and family health as well as that of our environment.

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Jaynae Edney
Chief of Staff

Jaynae Edney lives by three core principles: integrity, quality, and efficiency in execution. Jaynae Edney received her bachelor's degree from the University of the Virgin Islands in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. Ms. Edney is very passionate about Virgin Islands sports attaining its highest competitive level on the world stage, as is interested in marketing sports tourism.

Ms. Edney also believes when you learn a new skill, you should share this knowledge and uplift others on the journey. She received her MBA in Sports Management from Campbellsville University in Campbellsville, Kentucky to ensure she has the skill to pursue this passion. She has returned to the Virgin Islands and is now the Chief of Staff for Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker.

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Ingrid Rissing
Sr. Constituent Services Representative/Office Manager

Ingrid Rissing, runs a small business as a taxi and limousine driver and is also an educator.  She serves in the capacity as the Office Manager/Senior Constituent Services representative and asserts that in assuming the role has been an ideal way for her to reach out to the community and help others resolve their conflicts. Ingrid’s love of the outdoors contributes to her dedication of being able to take clients to and from their desired locations.  Being an English major and a passion for the children of our future plays a major role in me being an Educator.


Damalia Simmonds
Communication Manager

Damalia Simmonds hails from the beautiful island of St. Croix USVI. Ms. Simmonds holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen Campus. She is currently holding the position of Communication Manager in the Office of Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker.  She is the middle child of four siblings and aspires to do big things in the World of Media. Damalia can be described as ambitious, honest, authentic, reliable, self-disciplined, poised, and confident. She enjoys meeting new people, having new adventures and keeping up to date with newsworthy topics. Her ultimate goal is to be successful and motivate everyone around her to be just as great or even better. 

Gerard Evelyn ADA Coordinator Outreach Specialist (2).jpg

Gerard Evelyn
ADA Coordinator/ Outreach Specialist

Gerard T. Evelyn, is a local advocate in the community and working environment, including

negotiating pay raises and advocating for better working conditions for people with a disability. He continuously advocates for better transportation and improved accessibility for persons with visual and other impairments. He has strong organizational and mentoring experience. He also has a great ability to coordinate various activities.

Since becoming a person with a disability, Gerard has taught himself to use technology to enhance his ability and that of other persons with a disability to live more independently and provide better opportunities for employment. In the past, he served as the General Manager of Sales for the American Pest Control. He also served as shop steward for the Our Virgin Islands Labor Union. He has completed certified ADA Training and certification in Residential and Industrial Pest Control.


Miguel Santos

Miguel A. Santos Jr born on St. Croix US Virgin Islands. Mr. Santos has  served his community for over 30 years as a Radio disc jockey. He was employed at the Internal Revenue Bureau Office as a clerk in the division of tax clearance. Presently, he is assisting Senator Genevieve Whitaker as a translator.