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Senator Genevieve Whitaker, Along with Her Colleagues, Pass Critical Legislation

Legislation Passed as prime and co-sponsored by Senator Whitaker addressing gender-balanced boards and commissions; corporal punishment in schools; Emergency Medical Services high school program; honoring cultural and political giants such as Hillary "Baga" Rezende, Whadablee" De Silva, Athniel C." Addie" Ottley and the late Holland Redfield and nominees to various boards.

St. Croix, Virgin Islands (U.S.) — Senator Genevieve Whitaker joined her colleagues in passing critical legislation at the most recent Legislative Session, held on Thursday, November 18, 2021. Among legislation passed were several measures sponsored and co-sponsored by Senator Whitaker. In addition, Senator Whitaker expressed her satisfaction with her colleagues' support and approval of Bill 34-0062, which enforces gender equality across all governing boards and commissions in our Territory.

"This legislation is just one step towards reducing the gender disparities that exist throughout our government. As a Territory, we can now join the rest of the world in working to include women in all our important decision-making process," stated Senator Whitaker. "I also want to thank my colleagues for their support after having had many long and spirited discussions on the merits of gender balancing during the process of moving this legislation forward," stated Senator Whitaker.

Senator Whitaker also championed her co-sponsorship of Bill No. 34-0097 with Senator Janelle Sarauw, which bans corporal punishment in Virgin Islands schools. "In our hectic and ever-changing society, modern children require modern solutions. While corporal punishment may have been acceptable in previous generations, the schoolchildren of today require a more holistic disciplinary approach," stated Senator Genevieve Whitaker.

It was a busy day for Senator Whitaker and her colleagues. Additional, legislation co-sponsored by Senator Whitaker, Bill No. 34-0053, an act sponsored by Senator Gittens, establishing the Emergency Medical Services Program; establishing the Emergency Medical Services High School Program Fund; and making a $160,000 appropriation from the Centennial Special Fund to the Department of Education to fund the Emergency Medical Services basic EMS education program.

Senator Whitaker was elated to support the resolutions that honored distinguished Virgin Islands gentlemen for their lifetime work in the arts and service to this community. A prime sponsor of Bill No. 34-0061 that honors Hillary "Baga" Rezende for his work with our youth, keeping steel pan alive and well; her office has been supporting the efforts of the Ebonites band; Bill No. 34-0063 honors Alphonso"Whadablee" De Silva has been advancing Calypso music all over the world and Bill No. 34-0064 Athniel C." Addie" Ottley informing and educating the community over the airwaves.

"I was elated to sponsor resolutions honoring our people including a solemn experience, Bill No. 34-0074 that Honors the late Holland L. Redfield II, a mentor, and friend to all Virgin Islanders". May continue to hold his family in our prayers.

Continuing the people's work, Senator Whitaker helped pass a handful of zoning requests, including ZAC 21-1 Shirley de Chabert-Highfield and Rita de Chabert-Schuster Requesting Remainder Plot No. 136 Estate St. George, Prince Quarter, St. Croix be rezoned from R-2 (Residential-Low Density-One and Two Family) to B-3 (Business Scattered) in support of economic development of family that has made significant contributions to St. Croix.

Senator Whitaker congratulates the nominees in Block I, most of whom she voted for in their respective boards and encourages them to fulfill their statutory and policy mandates to benefit the people of the Virgin Islands.

"To stay focused, you must discipline yourself in whatever you do."

Hillary Baga Rezende


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