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Senator Whitaker Presents Her Plans & Vision for Youth as a Presenter at Complex History Class

Jaida is pictured from Right to Left, the 2nd student with braids, Ms. Garcia in the Blue polo shirt.

Back on August 26, 2022, Senator Whitaker took part in a presentation at the St. Croix Educational Complex (her alma mater, Class of 2000) as part of the U.S. History class taught by Ms. Diana Garcia as selected and invited by student Jaida Ashe. The topic was: What are the senator's plans and promises of being a senator?

Senator Whitaker shared her educational and professional background and pathway to becoming a Senator sharing with Jaida and her classmates her platform areas of educational reform and revitalization centered on curriculum redevelopment and addresses the maintenance of our schools as the Chairwoman on the Committee on Education and Workforce Development; healthcare centered on prevention and economic revitalization centered on the support for our small businesses. Additionally, Senator Whitaker shared a summary of her plans as she shared her restoral of the Virgin Islands Youth infrastructure, the Virgin Islands Commission on Youth and as one of the Co-Chairs of the youth senate known as the Legislative Youth Advisory Council, encouraging Jaida and her classmates to get involved with the Council and engaged in the political process. Senator Whitaker thanked Jaida, her classmates and teacher Ms. Garcia for the opportunity to present. "It was a heartwarming and inspiring experience as it is always a pleasure to spend time with our youth and to hear their stories and ideas to improve our community, I stand behind our youth and will continue to do my best on their behalf," states Senator Genevieve Whitaker

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