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FFA VI Recognition & Awards Ceremony

FFA VI Recognition & Awards Ceremony - "Resetting the Path for a New Generation in Agriculture" April 29, 2023

"Last evening, I had the heartwarming experience of participating in the Future Farmers of America Virgin Islands Chapter recognition and awards ceremony organized by an incredible Queen, Mrs. Velda Hendricks, who lit the torch for youth agriculture education in our home, pouring her love for agriculture into our children," stated Senator Genevieve Whitaker.

"It was a wonderful evening celebrating our youth, farmers, advisors, and all supporters of the students! Congratulations to all the youth who were recognized and received awards, and well wishes to the incoming student officers as supported by the adult leaders/advisors. All the best in moving the FFA Virgin Islands Chapter and youth agriculture forward!" Senator Whitaker also expressed.

"Thank you for the recognition, Velda, for the partnership in the background work for the incorporation/legal processes. As a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King once said: "[s]omewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others," Senator Whitaker concluded.

Here is the link to the recorded ceremony:


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