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Generation Next USVI Democratic Club Congressman Cedric Richmond Event

On Saturday, September 2nd, Senator Whitaker had the wonderful opportunity to attend a gathering that featured Congressman Cedric Richmond. The event included notable guests: the former Congresswoman, the Honorable Dr. Donna M. Christensen, and Senators Angel Bolques and Samuel Carrion.

As the event organizers and Club leaders, Jed JohnHope and Attorney Akeel St. Jean, welcomed Congressman Richmond, they opened the floor for questions from the guests. Senator Whitaker took the opportunity to share with Congressman Richmond, who represented the State of Louisiana's 2nd congressional district (from 2011 to 2021, which included most of New Orleans, that she had visited New Orleans on two occasions, having taken part in a pre-law program during high school at Xavier University and then again during her most recently as during her fellowship with Young People For, having visited the studio of the artist BMike (Brandan Odums, ) whose art studio engages young people along an important journey in writing about their history. Senator Whitaker asked Congressman Richmond, who, while longer in Congress (he served as a Senior Advisor for President Joe Biden and now serves as a senior advisor for the Democratic National Committee) at the congressional level to address the matter of the curriculum issues of the country mainly revisionist history and critical race theory controversy as we need to protect thousands of children throughout the country from the impact of the removal of their understanding of history, Congressman Richmond responded in highlighting the issue of the discrimination. Overall, it was a wonderful evening, as Senator Whitaker spent time and reconnected with some outstanding community members.

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