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Senator Whitaker and Team Member Tours Jungle James Farm & Petting Zoo Tour

Senator Genevieve Whitaker, back on August 30th, along with team member Julisa Alvarez, who served during Senator Whitaker’s term as a Legislative Assistant, had the exciting opportunity to tour the Jungle James Farm and Petting Zoo by the owner, Taj James, who took them back to history, as Mr. James highlighted the historic significance of the property and how it now serves as a pivotal site for exposure of our youth and the broader community to farming, the care of animals, plants of a healing nature and other areas. The other areas include that Mr. James volunteers his time with the children at Claude O. Markoe Elementary School by exposing them throughout the school year and other children who visit the farm to learn about farm culture and the care of animals.

“It was a wonderful experience; Taj is a visionary for the continued growth of holistic local farming and the recreation industry. As I shared with him during the tour, we must continue to organize as a community to cut through the bureaucratic barriers that exist and push for the necessary changes in the support for our local organizations, education, history and culture, workforce, and economic development, as we have some incredible visionaries, like Taj and others who are deserving of support for the transformation of our community. Certainly, food sustainability and the care of animals are among areas of importance,” expressed Senator Whitaker.

The Jungle James team is asking for community support for its programs; attached is the slide deck of the sponsorship request. Checks can be made payable via PayPal: or via checks made payable to Taj A. James. If you don’t already follow the (TAG page) Page) Please do, and you can reach Mr. James via the cell: 340-473-1015 and the website:

We again thank Mr. James for an incredible tour experience and remain committed to supporting his organization. On Fridays at Midre Cummings Park in Frederiksted, you can participate in “Jungle James Fridays” or “Pidal in Paradise” bike rides between 3 pm and 6 pm!

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