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Senator Genevieve Whitaker Co-Authors Inaugural Anthology, along with 20 other Virgin Islands Women

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Happy Virgin Islands and Women's History Month! This month is especially significant as today, March 22nd, 2023, is the day we have been waiting for, the LAUNCH DAY for the first Virgin Islands Anthology featuring Senator Genevieve Whitaker and 20 other extraordinary Virgin Islands female leaders in the publication of Passion and Purpose: 21 Inspiring Stories from Women in the US Virgin Islands on Business, Leadership, and Life

The anthology was birthed by two incredible visionaries co-visionaries: Vanessa Farrell and Jo'Hanna Samuel

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

Prepare to be inspired and motivated by these stories. Hear from VI women in business and leadership roles how daily life and experiences have influenced their passions and revealed their purpose.

"I dedicate my Chapter to my grandmother, Genevieve Browne, a Queen that raised me to love humanity, which bloomed my passion and whose unwavering commitment to supporting my development of self is the foundation for my journey in understanding my God-given purpose. This Chapter is a portion of my story I share to inspire others. And I thank both visionaries authors, Vanessa and Jo'Hanna, for their efforts in supporting, coaching, care for my fellow co-authors and me,"-Genevieve Whitaker.

Where can you get the book? It is AVAILABLE AS OF TODAY via Amazon; here is the link:, and it only costs $1.99!

Genevieve is also asking for your support by writing a review; here is the link to instructions on writing a review:

Here are Links for the Kindle Application (by device):

The Book launched as a #1 Best Seller in the following categories:

#1 Business Etiquette

#1 Business Ethics

#1 Women and Business!



Genevieve and her grandmother on the front lawn of her house in Catherine's Rest: Genevieve Browne (1983)

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