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Senator Whitaker & Staff Celebrates VI PR Friendship Weekend & Day

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Happy Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship Day! ¡ Feliz fin de semana de la amistad entre las Islas Vírgenes y Puerto Rico!

Senator Genevieve Whitaker and Staff celebrate Virgin Islands/Puerto Rican Friendship in recognizing the upcoming Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico Friendship Day which is celebrated days leading to the actual day of October 10th! This year the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship Committee is celebrating “58 years Strengthening Our Cultural Bonds with Pride.” VI/PR Friendship Day was declared a holiday in 1964 by VI local Legislation under the leadership of Governor Ralph E. Paiewonsky and is declared each year to land on the same day as Columbus Day. It was thought that October 10th marked the discovery of the Western World, for commemorating the solidarity of Americans in the Caribbean.” In recognition of this holiday, citizens of the Virgin Islands come together to conduct ceremonies honoring Puerto Ricans residing in our midst and their substantial contributions to the advancement and progress of the Virgin Islands. “This day we celebrate the spirit of unity/solidarity between our two cultures!” states Senator Whitaker

The VI/PR committee conducts events like concerts, family friend activities, workshops, cultural events, sports tournaments, parades, festivals, and more to strengthen the friendly relationship between the U.S/ Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Senator Whitaker would also like to acknowledge and extend congratulations to this year's honorees: Dr. Khunuma Simmonds, Jose Perez, and Joseph Olmeda. “The honors are most deserving as they have each contributed greatly to our community as persons of Virgin Islands descent and Puerto Rican descent,” states Senator Whitaker. On Wednesday, Governor Albert Bryan Jr, Lt. Governor Tregenza A. Roach Esq, held a VI/PR Friendship Day Award Ceremony that highlighted their outstanding contributions to the Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico community, here is the link to the Governor’s Facebook page both the photo album and the link to the program: ; (Senator Whitaker was unable to attend as she attended a National Conference of State Legislatures Education Chairs meeting concerning improving education outcomes of our students but was certainly there in spirit as one who enjoys attending such events in celebration of our culture).

Then on Saturday, October 8th, the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Village at Canegata was opened in honor of Mr. Olmeda, Senator was joined by her colleagues: Senators Carrion, Bolques and James as they celebrated the official opening of the village (see photo of the ribbon cutting, Photo Credit: Government House). Also, Senator Whitaker met up with one of our local young female entrepreneurs, Mrs. Iveliz Petersen, owner of Ive's Unique Soaps & More who Senator Whitaker so proud to support our local business owners. Additionally, Senator Whitaker and staff also enjoyed the VI/PR Softball Tournament as sponsor of the Los Llacos team. Congratulations to Los Llacos for a great game defeating Puerto Rico 12-7 in the championship game.

Enjoy the remainder of the VI/PR Friendship activities and Village named after Mr. Olmeda who shared words of unity and celebration of us as Virgin Islanders and persons of Puerto Rican descent and activities.

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