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Senator Genevieve Whitaker attends Liberty VI Integration and Fiber to the Home Launch Event

Senator Genevieve Whitaker and staff attended Liberty VI Integration and Fiber to the Home Launch press conference on August 16, 2022, at UVI’s RT Park to announce their “The Future is Now,” rebranding campaign that introduces special rates with added services and speeds of 50Mbps to 1Gbps at affordable prices, with greater stability and less dependency on electric power. Liberty is the leading communications company in Latin America that offers fixed and wireless services, operating in over 20 countries under the brands; the company has recently added the U.S. Virgin Islands. Liberty VI has over 75 employees between the U.S. Virgin Islands and over 12,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean with 15+ new hires in 2022.

At Tuesday's event, Bala Balakrishnan, general manager of Liberty spoke to a large audience that included elected officials, representatives from various offices, and spectators about the direction the company is heading. Mr. Balakrishnan along with his team pledges to work towards strengthening its commitment to its customers and bringing broadband to every household. He anticipates that everyone will have access to fiber-fast internet at affordable pricing with more mobile coverage, capacity, and 5G speed throughout the Virgin Islands. The United States Virgin Islands will be one of the few places that will be all fiber. Liberty is working consistently with the Department of Public Works and Department of Natural Resources as they aim to have the fiber properly built underground to provide better resiliency during natural disasters. The construction for this project will begin in St. Croix and St. Thomas in the next 4 to 6 weeks as they’re still in the process of getting all the permits and St. John residents can see progress as of next year. As Liberty continues to grow in the territory, locals can look forward to more employment opportunities, and financial and volunteer support for our communities. In closing, Mr. Balakrishnan stated, “USVI will shine in the Caribbean” as liberty focuses on growing the economy and professional growth.

Senator Genevieve Whitaker thanks Liberty VI for their continued support and for inviting the senator to indulge in this groundbreaking event. Senator Whitaker will continue working closely with Liberty to ensure the people of the Virgin Islands are receiving the best service and being treated fairly. Senator Whitaker is excited about the future of telecommunication and the work being done to improve network connectivity.

Senator Genevieve Whitaker on the right, Bala Balakrishnan and Naji Khoury on the left.

Senator Genevieve Whitaker on the left, Balan Nair, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Latin America on the left.

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