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Senator Genevieve Whitaker Attends Today's (12.29.22) Legislative Session

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Senator Genevieve Whitaker will attend the Legislative Session on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at 9:30 am in the Earle B. Ottley Legislative Chambers on St. Thomas. Senator Whitaker will present her sponsored legislation along with bills prime and co-sponsored with her colleagues. The public is encouraged to tune in to hear the information, Agenda, Correspondence, Bills, Testimonies, etc., and to save the following link to your favorite browser of the committee's public drive folder. The viewing public can watch the hearing Live on Legislature's Facebook Page.

Bill No. 34-0153. An act establishing the Sixth Constitutional Convention of the Virgin Islands; and providing for an appropriation to cover convention-related expenses. Sponsored by: Senators Janelle K. Sarauw and Genevieve R. Whitaker.

Bill No. 34-0279. An act amending 19 Virgin Islands Code, Part V restructuring, reclassifying and adopting the first comprehensive Virgin Islands Behavioral Health Act to provide for services and interdepartmental coordination of agencies and organizations to provide a structure of support to individuals throughout the Virgin Islands who suffer from behavioral health challenges; to establish community behavioral health services, as well as to provide for the first comprehensive public Behavioral Health Facility to treat individuals voluntarily and involuntarily who face behavioral health challenges; amending and repealing conflicting laws; and providing for other related purposes. Sponsored by: Senators Novelle E. Francis, Jr. and Genevieve R. Whitaker.

Bill No. 34-0236. An act amending title 17 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 15, section 190dd extending the eligibility for the Virgin Islands Higher Education Scholarship Program to part-time students. Sponsored by: Senator Samuel Carrión Co-sponsors: Genevieve R. Whitaker, Carla J. Joseph and Angel L. Bolques, Jr.

Bill No. 34-0238. An act amending title 17 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 5, section 41(c), relating to courses of study in public schools to require that Virgin Islands and Caribbean history to be integrated into the curriculum for kindergarten through grade 12 and for other purposes. Sponsored by: Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker Co-sponsors: Carla J. Joseph and Angel L. Bolques, Jr.

Bill No. 34-0243. An act amending titles 3 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 23, section 415 and 27 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 4, section 193 regarding the composition and duties of the Board of Naturopathic Physicians and for other related purposes. Sponsored by: Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker.

Bill No. 34-0265. An act amending title 23 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 10 by adding subchapter 1A to establish the Office of Disability Integration within the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency. Sponsored by: Senators Marvin A. Blyden, Genevieve R. Whitaker, Angel L. Bolques, Jr., and Alma Francis Heyliger.

Bill No. 34-0298. An act appropriating $500,000 from the Emergency Services Fund to the Department of Health for the purposes authorized in 33 VIC § 3099(d). Sponsored by: Senators Genevieve R. Whitaker, Alma Francis Heyliger and Dwayne M. DeGraff.

Bill No. 34-0349. A Resolution expressing the support of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands for U.S. House Resolution 279, acknowledging that the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in the Insular Cases and the “Territorial Incorporation Doctrine” are contrary to the text and the history of the United States Constitution as they rest on racial views and stereotypes from the era of Plessy v. Ferguson that have long been rejected as contrary to the United States’ most basic constitutional and democratic principles, and should be rejected as having no place in United States Constitutional Law. Sponsored by: Senator Genevieve R. Whitaker

Senator Genevieve Whitaker also looks forward to the support of her colleagues on these bills and the other bills brought forward by her colleagues. Please continue to uplift and embrace our community by advocating for our rights and ethical practices in our community. Additionally, Senator Whitaker encourages the community to tune in to hear more about these bills and from her colleagues.


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