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Senator Genevieve Whitaker attends the NCSL Education Leaders Annual Retreat

Senator Genevieve Whitaker in the capacity as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Education and Workforce Development attended the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Education Leaders Annual Retreat held from October 3rd to October 5th, 2022, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Senator Whitaker represented the Virgin Islands throughout the conference sharing matters surrounding her education efforts, curriculum, school maintenance, and oversight over local and federal funds.

The conference started with a tour of the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development programs. The tour included meeting with various researchers, including the nation’s top developmental psychology program for a tour and discussion with leading researchers in the field as well the Child Development Laboratory School (CDLS).

Along with her fellow legislators from across the nation who serve as chairs of the education committees in their respective jurisdictions (and being the only legislator in attendance from a territory), Senator Whitaker explored topics like Building More Equitable Funding Systems Forecasting, Education Spending in Uncertain Times, Redevelopment of our small businesses by leveling the playing field, Strategies to Support Struggling Students, Strategies to Support Struggling Educators and Improve Recruitment, Retention and Working Conditions, Using Data for Result-Driven Governing.

Other topics that were covered included the latest research and survey data on how students are doing emotionally and academically as they emerge from the pandemic. Legislators and staff spent time going over the date and sharing their own state context and efforts to support struggling students for a more equitable recovery. Also, discussed were promising policies and practices to improve outcomes for all students, and craft a plan for their work over the upcoming year. Senator Whitaker looks forward to implementing all of what was learned at the conference in the territory and working with her colleagues to continue to pass meaningful and transformational legislation in education, workforce development, and economic development.”

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