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Senator Genevieve Whitaker attends the VIPD Recruit Class 2022-1 Graduation

Senator Genevieve Whitaker attended the VIPD Recruit Class 2022-1 Graduation on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at DC Canegata Recreation Center on St. Croix. Families, colleagues, and several officials celebrated the “Eagle Knights Recruit Class” as they took their oath of office. Senator Whitaker commends Chanel Fahie, La-Kweisha, Inais Borque, Kineisha Henderson, LaShawna Pelle, Akilo Broks, Marshal Daisy Ramos, Marshal Syeda Rodriguez, Ivory Carter, George Clini, Matthew Cundiff, Katherina Joseph, Shonte Libert, McDonald Santos, Cara William, and Chenelle Hendricks, for prevailing through months of training. “Be proud of how far you have come and inspiration to those coming behind you”, said Senator Genevieve Whitaker. Among the stars of the group were Peace Officers George Cleeny and Arsdale Cyril who achieved the highest academic scores in the class. Additionally, Cara Williams and Akeelo Brookes received awards for highest achievement in physical fitness; La-Kweisha Nurse, Inais Borque, and Matthew Cundiff were awarded the highest firearm awards; and the most determined award went to Katrina Joseph for her perseverance during the six-month training.

Senator Whitaker also sends congratulatory remarks to the new peace officers, referred to as the “Honey Badgers” on the island of St. Thomas. The Virgin Islands Police Department graduated 18 peace officers and one auxiliary officer who endured seven months of training. The Senator looks forward to seeing more recruits combating violence and making the longtime commitment to protect and serve.

“Minimum effort does not create maximum effect. In whatever you do, always put your best foot forward because greatness will come in the end”-Officer Ivory Carter.

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