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Senator Whitaker attends “The 26th Annual Mango Melee" at St. Croix's Botanical Garden

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Senator Whitaker and Staff attended “The 26th Annual Mango Melee at St. Croix's Botanical Garden on July 10, 2022. Senator Whitaker spent the day visiting local vendors, hearing the concerns of supporters, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and meeting with the different vendors to discuss opportunities her office is working on to support small businesses. The senator met with constituent stakeholders like Akeem McIntosh the owner of VibezNatural Products, and Ms. Vanessa Farrell (Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at VI Health & Wellness Coaching, LLC), who happens to be working on including the senator in their anthology book. The senator also visited vendors like Juju & Cece’s Lemonades and Treats, 340 All in One, Upperclass, Venna’s Hot Sauce & Preservatives, and many more. Senator Whitaker would also like to highlight her former Civil Air Patrol Classmate Kenny Smith, who attended the Mango Melee event. The senator recalls being the first female Cadet Commander when they served together. It was an awesome event to come together as a community and support local small businesses on the rise.

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